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For those of you who don’t know, we owe Craig Tsuchiya and Roselle Lagunzad a great deal of gratitude for contributing to how we met.  Roselle suggested Chris study abroad in Japan because he voiced he was bored with life, so Chris searched and registered for a month-long Japanese language immersion program in Kanazawa, Japan.  Five months later in May 2004, Chris’ colleague at Covad Communications, Craig Tsuchiya, was online chatting with Dori (a childhood Nissei Bowling League-mate) on-line when Chris stopped by his cubicle.  Craig mentioned Chris was leaving for Japan to study abroad soon and suggested Dori connect with him to offer travel/sightseeing suggestions since Dori worked in Japan on JET Program.  Dori provided contact info, and that weekend Chris decided to call during his long drive down to Los Angeles to attend his brother’s graduation at USC. 

We hit it off immediately and talked on the phone for over two hours until Chris’ cell phone went out of range.  We reconnected the following Monday and met in Downtown Palo Alto - halfway between Chris’ home in Millbrae and Dori’s home in Campbell.  We grabbed dinner at Siam Royal Thai Restaurant and discussed world travel, Chris talked about his study abroad program and interest in Japanese culture/language, and Dori shared maps, brochures, and information about Japan.  Before we knew it, time had flown by, and the restaurant closed, but that didn’t stop us from continuing to talk in Chris’ old beat-up Saturn.  At one point, birthdays came to be discussed, and that was when we realized a serendipitous fact: Chris is exactly 1 year, 1 month, 1 day, and 1 hour older than Dori.  After hours of fun and entertaining conversation, we noticed it was 11:11pm… very late for a work night!  We laughed at the coincidence of noticing the time, and decided it was time to go home.  Before Chris left for Japan he mentioned his flight was on Japan Airlines, plane 1, flight 1, at 1pm.  Dori shared that she coincidentally took the exact same flight for her first flight to Japan (leaving for JET Program) years prior. 

When Chris formally asked Dori to be in a relationship, he said that he could see forever in her eyes and that all their serendipitous #1’s connections maybe meant that Dori is THE ONE.  Dori instantly melted and of course said yes.  Chris then gave Dori her first kiss in front of Dori’s mom’s garage, where he proposed 6 years later. 

Over the past 7+ years, we have enjoyed traveling together around the nation following Food Network/Travel Channel recommendations, and we've had fun and memorable adventures traveling around the world. Both of us admitted that when we first talked over the phone, we felt we would eventually become good friends.  Little did we know that a much more meaningful relationship would blossom from talk of Japan and world travel.  Thanks, Roselle and Craig!!!

We hope our fun and exciting world-wide adventures continue for the rest of our lives!